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London Business Awards Cancelled For 2021

The prestigious London Business Awards has been in operation for many years. This year of 2021 however, the award ceremony has been canceled due to uncertainty during recent Covid-19 times and the uncertainty of the lockdown restrictions. The London Business Awards is an award-winning company recognition programme. The London Business Awards recognises key people and companies of all sizes every year. They highlight the diversity and creativity of the creative leaders and London companies s reputation for the future. The London Business Awards presents the businesses of all sizes with outstanding, customised business gifts that highlight their special skills, whilst
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Business Opportunities Boom Amidst Indias Booming Economy

For business owners, investing in the services or technology from other countries is a good way to establish a decent return on investment. India is of particular interest as a country to invest in. The Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace which means there is good potential for investment at this time. The country offers a wide range of investment opportunities including traditional manufacturing, distribution, and information technology. A lot of multinational companies and venture capitalists consider India as an important investment destination. For the last several years, Indian pharmaceutical companies have created new avenues for growth by exploring innovative new
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Misery For Business As Malicious Negative Online Reviews Rise

Many businesses have encountered an increase in malign or negative online reviews due to their inability to overcome the perceived competition. Many business enterprises fail to understand that this competition comes from rivals who have better resources and technological skills. The difference between a competitor and an ally is the level of commitment to the business enterprise. For instance, if an organization encounters a loss, it does not make sense for them to spend too much time focusing on the negative reviews posted by rivals. Therefore, they focus on positive reviews posted by competitors. They hope that positive reviews would
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Lexus Launches Its New Electric Car

The new Lexus ES allows for a larger range of performance than ever before. We have all seen the massive electric-powered sports cars that seem to be coming out of Japan all the time. They have some seriously cool technology inside that can give you an incredible experience. But one thing they have never tried is a hybrid car. Until now, that is. The new Lexus ES will allow you to take your vehicle to extremes by allowing it to power itself. Imagine riding in traffic with no engine to power you and only electric power. It is pretty wild,
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Firmware And Other Cyber Attacks On Business Increase

Just like all other aspects of Internet Security, firmware security is rapidly advancing to new levels of protection. However, many businesses are still not fully protected and as a result, their company can suffer serious damage in the event that the business network should come under a firmware cyber attack. In fact, attacks on firms' data and systems have become so commonplace, it's no longer a cause for embarrassment. A common attack is a "rack attack", which aims to use a network of infected computers to break into a company's server and access personal data. Most attacks do not require
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Business Targeted With Ransomware Attacks – What to Do

Malware attack has been one of the most dreadful threats recently. It is destructive in nature and thus, one should take all possible measures to stay away from its effects. A business infected by malware may go out of existence as well as the products may stop working. So, it is very important for one to be aware of the ways of being protected from these malwares. If you are running a business and are affected by this malware then you should get in touch with an experienced computer technician who will provide you with the best Malware Removal tips
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VentureRock is Launching A $300M Fund-of-Funds in Abu Dhabi

VentureRock - Impact Venture Builder and ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors and startup experts, is launching a $300M Fund-of-Funds in Abu Dhabi to support and grow the market-leaders that will shape the world of tomorrow.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates Apr 22, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - From this new Fund-of-Funds, VentureRock will invest in early-stage startups that leverage technology, science, and innovation to build sustainable, impact-driven solutions and unlock new-age business models for Retail, Real-Estate, Logistics, FinTech, and Agriculture. This will be done through Venturerock's Special Purpose Investment Company (SPIC) structure, which implements the legal and operational processes needed to safeguard the ventures' success.
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